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Name Status in addition to being a member Notes
Gareth Jones Also Trustee - Chair of Governors Member whilst being Chair
Louise Haigh Also Trustee - Vice Chair of Governors Member whilst being Vice Chair of Governors

Jason Hart

Stepped Down Oct 20 Member whilst being Vice Chair (up to Oct 20)
Therese Mostowfi Member - stepped down Sept 20 Therese was headteacher of The Firs for many years. She has served as headteacher of Alameda, as well as having considerable experience working for the Local Authority in the School Improvement Team. In more recent years and until very recently, she was our School Improvement Partner, here at The Firs.
Sandra Evans Member - Resigned Jult 2021 Sandra is an ex Chair of Governors at The Firs and has very wide experience training and supporting development in the business world and in education.
Max Wiseberg Member - Resigned Jul 2021 Max is an ex Governor at The Firs, who has also served on the Governing body at Alameda. He also runs his own very successful local business.
Tom Stean Member  


Name Status Position held on Governing body Appointment Date Attendance at 5 Meetings in 20/21 Declared Pecuniary  & business Interests
Lizzie Barnicoat Clerk to Governors   N/a N/a  
Adam Campbell Headteacher   N/a 5  
Joanna Milne Elected parent. Stepped down 6th May 2021   Jan 2020 3/3  
Louise Haigh Co-opted parent Chair of Human Resources Committee and Vice Chair of Governors from Oct 20 April 2019 5  
Jason Hart Co-opted parent - stepped down Oct 20 Vice Chair of Governors / Chair of Curriculum & Achievement Committee - until Oct 20 May 2016 0  
Gareth Jones Co-opted parent Chair of Governors March 2015 4  
Jason Manley Elected parent - Stepped Down Jan 2021   May 2019 0/1  
Fran Sherry Staff   Jan 2012 3  
Annette Anderson Co-opted parent   May 2019 2  
Jonathan Wilson Co-opted non parent (Stepped Down Jan 21) Chair of Environment & Finance Committee March 2015 1/1 Wife is a member of staff
John Ashley Elected parent   May 2019 4 Wife is a member of staff
Tom Stean Elected Parent   Dec 2020 4/4  
Kerry Mercer      10th March 2021 3/3  
Franco Cameli   Environment & Finance Committee 11th May 2021 1/2  

Additional Members of Committees

Name Status Committee Role
Kerry Mercer Assistant Head / SLT C&A Advising on aspects of curriculum and pupil progress
Sue A'Court Office Manager / SLT HR Advising on attendance, safeguarding, admissions and HR issues
Katherine Jukes Business Manager / SLT E&F Advising on finance and premises issues

Trustee Committee Membership

Curriculum and Achievement

(attendance at 2 meetings 20/21)

  • Chair - Joanna Milne 2/2
  • Adam Campbell 2/2
  • Annette Anderson - 2/2
  • Kerry Mercer 2/2

Human Resources

(attendance at 3 meetings 20/21)

  • Chair - Louise Haigh - 3/3
  • Jason Manley - 1/3
  • Annette Anderson - 3/3
  • Adam Campbell - 3/3
  • Sue A'Court 3/3

Environment and Finance

(attendance at 6 meetings 20/21)

  • Chair - Jonathan Wilson - 3/6
  • John Ashley - 6/6
  • Fran Sherry - 6/6
  • Adam Campbell - 6/6
  • Celia Bennett - 4/6
  • Katherine Jukes - 3/6
  • Franco Cameli - 1/6

Headteacher Performance Review Group

  • Chair of Governors - Gareth Jones
  • Chair of E&F Committee - John Ashley
  • Chair of HR Committee - Louise Haigh

For more information on our Governing Body, please download the Pdf below and/or navigate to our Governance page which can also be found under the School Information tab, by clicking on 'Polices and Key Documents':