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The Saplings Planning Spring Term (2nd) 2018 – Medium Term 6 Weeks

Topic: Growing


Links to EYFS

Weekly Theme

Learning Objectives

Learning and play ideas to do at home.

Role Play

1 19/2/18

Understanding the World

Can talk about some of the things they have observed such as plants, animals and natural found objects (30-50m)


To plant cress seeds and observe how they change.

What do plants need to grow?


2 26/2/18

Literacy – Reading

Has some favourite stories, rhymes, songs, poems or jingles (22-36m)

Describes main story settings, events and principal characters (30-50m)

World Book Day


St David’s Day

To celebrate world book day.

Encourage your child to talk about their favourite story and story characters. Why do they like that book?






Enjoys responsibility of carrying out small tasks (30-50m)

Mothers Day

To encourage children to be more independent and take responsibility for tasks given to them.

Encourage your child to help with small chores around the house.

A messy house! Clothes on the floor, washing up in the sink.

4 12/3/18

CLL – Speaking

Questions why things happen and give explanations. Asks eg who, what, when and how (30-50m)

How humans grow/change over time


St Patrick’s Day

To talk about how people change from birth to adults.

Comparing pictures of your child from a baby to a toddler. What changes have occurred?

Clinic, baby weighing, nappies, baby toys.

5 19/3/18

Expressive Arts and Design

Shows an interest in the way musical instruments sound (22-36m)

Imitates movement in response to music (30-50m)

Movement and Music

To explore different musical instruments. Moving to music.

Dancing at home to their favourite songs!

Music station – different instruments, scarves to dance with.

6 26/3/18

Physical Development

Runs safely on whole foot. (22-36m)


What happens in Spring?


Talk to your child about Spring. Can you see any lambs/daffodils?

An Easter egg hunt.

*This is an outline of planning, but if the children show a specific interest, they will lead our provision and the planning adapted accordingly.