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Pre School Consultation

This page gives details about the consultation on the proposed new Firs Saplings Pre School.

The purpose of this page is to discuss proposed changes to the provision at The Firs Lower School for the inclusion of a Pre-School, which requires a lowering of the schools age range by 2 years. This is proposed following the decision taken by Jack and Jill Ampthill Pre School at its AGM on 28th September 2016 to hand over the provision of Early Years Education, at the present Jack and Jill site in Houghton Close Ampthill, to the Firs Lower School.

The Governing Body of The Firs Lower School has decided that it should consult on the proposed changes in line with legal requirements, and wishes to receive the views and comments of all stakeholders of the School. The consultation period will run for 6 weeks from Monday 20th February 2017 to Friday, 31st March 2017. The Governing Body of the school will consider all comments received during the consultation period. We are consulting with all relevant stakeholders as required by law when making changes to school age range arrangements.