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SEAL / Social Skills Groups

 Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

SEAL and social group sessions aim to develop the underpinning qualities and skills that help promote positive behaviour and positive learning.  The sessions focus on the five social and emotional aspects of learning: self awareness, managing feelings, motivation, empathy and social skills.

The resources used, both as a whole school and within small goups ensure children will learn the skills to:

  • be effective and successful learners.
  • make and sustain friendships.
  • resolve conflict effectively and fairly.
  • solve problems with others or alone.
  • manage strong feelings such as anger, frustration and anxiety.
  • persist in the face of difficulties.
  • work and play co-operatively.
  • compete fairly and win and loose with dignity.
  • recognise and stand up for their rights and the rights of others.
  • understand and value the differences between people.

These groups are run by Mrs Hurrell.