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Pine Class, Forest School Sessions

Acorns and Conkers enjoy a variety of activities throughout the term


They have learnt new skills and used their senses to achieve both individual and group challenges.

They had great fun creating a bookmark that required them to remember items in a set order and then scavenged in the school grounds looking to find them. They needed to be; something green, something textured, something made of wood, something that shouldn't be there and something they personally liked.


Some of the children made clay models of UK animals who are just finishing their hibernation. 

The children created large stick grids, working together to fill each quarter and achieve their mission!



We have made bird food during the cold, snowy weeks in February and hung it out in the garden. We were rewarded by our 'resident Robin' singing to us as we mixed the food! 

We made bug houses and enjoyed a bug hunt. We learnt about the creatures who live in our school grounds and the environments they like to live in.

The children experienced snow, wind, rain and cold whilst at Forest School but all enjoyed themselves and we shared lots of fun and laughter.

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