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Year 3 Ancient Egyptian WOW Day

'History Off The Page' brings Ancient Egypt to Life

On Tuesday 2nd October Year 3 had a great day when Ancient Egypt was brought to life by our visitors from History Off The Page. All the children looked fantastic in their costumes and enjoyed taking part in many different authentic activities whilst learning all the time about what life was like 5,000 years ago in that far away land. 




In the morning the hall was set up with many different artisans' workshops at which the children worked as apprentices. They used lots of unusual tools and materials to make clay canopic jars, bandaged peg doll mummies, clay and leather amulets, soap carvings, charcoal ink and cartouches written on papyrus, mini tomb paintings, unleavened bread, olive oil and lamps and clay and wax perfume cones. They were able to take home all their creations. A temple shrine was also placed in the hall where the children prayed to the sun god Aten to bring a good harvest, making the Nile flood and the land fertile. The visitor also told us some exciting stories relating to that time, like the one about Isis and Osiris. One of the children's grandparents had brought along many beautiful papyrus paintings and artefacts that we also enjoyed looking at.



In the afternoon we had a Royal celebration as the Nile had flooded and we were able to feast. Children adopted many different roles: some were part of the Pharaoh's retinue and were royalty, guards, hand maidens, food tasters and musicians; others were entertainers, actors, dancers, musicians performing stories and dances they practised in groups; others were slaves serving us 'wine' (blackcurrant squash) from silver goblets, bread and cheese in baskets and an array of fruit (apples, pears, grapes, pomegranates, figs and dates). 



The children said they had an amazing time and couldn't wait to write all about it the next day. The day would not have been possible if it hadn't been for the team of parents and grandparents who came along to support us by teaching the children crafts and helping them rehearse their roles and the staff too who joined us that day - a big thank you to everyone for the part they played in our wonderful WOW history day! 

Further photos from this event can be viewed in our Ancient Egyptian Photo Gallery.