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Year 4 Roman Festival

and visit to St. Albans Cathedral

Year 4 visited St Alban's Cathedral for part of their Roman topic. The children had the exciting opportunity to be archeologists and dig for clues about the past. Each group then learned about the different types of food the Romans ate. They all enjoyed making (and eating) a selection of Roman snacks. Dressing up in Roman costumes was the best part of the afternoon! The children all had an important role to play, as they discovered more about St Alban. A great time was had by all.

We wish to thank the parent helpers for supporting this trip, and taking such an active role in this wonderful day.





On Thursday 10th January Year 4 went on an exciting school trip to St. Albans Cathedral Roman Festival were we did fun activities.

We did a blanket dig, a Roman cooking session and a dramatic role-play session to do with "The man called Alban."

I'm sure everybody loved the school trip, but let's hear it from other year 4's point of view.  - Alice 


Darcie - Fun, interesting and great, great fun!

Ava - AMAZING, and the people there were amazing to.

Mayson - I liked it, it was fun and I liked all of it!

Shae - The people there were really nice.

Charlotte and Grace - We liked the acting part and the trip was great!

Seb - I liked serving the food to my friends during the cooking session


Further photos can be found in our St Albans Trip photo gallery.