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Year 2 Adopt a Pangolin

Please welcome Marimba to The Firs family

During their geography topic on Kenya, Cedar and Beech Class learnt about some of the African animals that are endangered, mainly due to poaching or because their natural habitat is being destroyed. 

We learnt that pangolins are the most endangered mammals in the world as they are widely hunted for their scales.  We decided to do something about this by collecting our spare silver coins until we had enough money to adopt a pangolin. 


Adopt a Pangolin: Marimba

Often referred to as scaly anteaters, pangolins are pre-historic looking mammals which many people have never heard of. Even experts know relatively little about them. Unfortunately pangolin populations are in severe decline as they have become the most trafficked mammal in the world.

By adopting Marimba you will help us save pangolins by funding vital anti-poaching  and community outreach work to help protect precious populations in Africa.