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Introducing The Saplings to Forest School Sessions

Our Pre-school children found beautiful deep red poppies and closed up daisies.

Yesterday, despite the damp, foggy morning, we started Forest school with a group of children from The Saplings, The Firs pre-school. We pulled on our welly boots and jackets and went exploring in the school grounds. 

The children were challenged to find as many different colours and textures as possible, managing to discover a variety of different grasses which they took turns in describing how they felt on their skin. The fine grasses tickled some of the children which started everyone giggling!

We found beautiful deep red poppies and closed up daisies. We found seed heads and furry leaves. Two of the children observed a bee collecting pollen from the lavender and that sparked a long conversation about nature and the bugs we might find.



After a drink and snack, the children then became adventurers balancing across the ‘lava’ filled garden, stepping on the logs so not to touch the ground!

A good time was had by all!