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Football Team News!!

Year 1 Firs vs Year 1 Russell, Local Derby

At the start of March, our Year 1 Firs Football team took part in their first ever football match, playing against Ampthill's other Lower School, Russell, making this a local derby, what a way to start the season.

This was the first game for both sides and, going by the commentators report that we received, written by one of our Year 4 pupils,  it sounds like this was a match all the boys will remember. Both teams, also, had a great turn out for the monumental affair and the boys played extremely well.


Snippet from our Year 4 Commentators Match Report

"That’s it, 'Firs 11 – 3 Russell'. Both teams had a cracking game and they all played with a smile on their face. This Firs team could go far."

"My man of the match goes to HLT from The Firs, for his incredible 7 goals! I hope you enjoyed the game and hope to see you again soon at their next match."