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A Cheerful Message from our Saplings Staff

You've Got A Friend In Me!

This week it was the turn of our amazing staff in The Saplings to create a great video offering for us all!

Mrs Sherry and The Saplings staff wanted to do something to keep in touch and remind the children in our Preschool about the fun times they have and how much the staff are missing them!

Alanah Hamilton has done another brilliant job putting the video together. It features The Saplings staff and the song from Toy Story ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’.




You Got A friend in Me, a cheerful message from The Saplings Staff

It has been another great team effort and The Saplings staff have been very creative and really enjoyed contributing all their individual parts and the result is a super and very uplifting Saplings video.

Please click on the video above to watch.