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Anti Bullying Week at The Firs

Anti Bullying week November 16th - 20th November 2020

We started the week wearing odd socks, as a way of reminding everyone that we were marking Anti Bullying week at The Firs.

Below, you can find out about what was happening in each year group during the week:



Year 4

In Willow Class we watched 'The Big Anti-Bullying Assembly 2020' and looked at other resources from the Anti-Bullying Alliance. We discussed what bullying is, different types of bullying, how people might feel and how we could all play our part to ensure that it doesn't happen.

With the theme of 'Unite Against Bullying' this year we each decided what we could do to prevent bullying and completed puzzle pieces recording our pledges. Together, we united them to show that as a team we would work together on this.

Following on from 'Odd Socks Day' on Monday we sang and did some cool moves to Johnny and the Odd Sock's song about uniting against bullying and how everyone is different and unique just like odd socks.  

Year 4, Odd Sock Washing Line

We recorded on our own odd socks what is different about us and what makes us special. We then hung them on our washing line to celebrate our differences with others.


Year 4, 'United against Bullying'


Oak Class discussed bullying and how to recognise it. 

The children thought about what they could do to help the victims of bullying and under the banner 'United against Bullying', they each created a jigsaw piece describing their personal commitment to the prevention of bullying.

Year 2

In Year 2 children have been working to get anti-bullying week certificates.

They are awarded for children showing values such as kindness, caring, patience, being helpful, sharing and being good friends to each other.

Here is a picture of some of the children from Beech.

Year 2, Anti Bullying Awards


Year 3

In Year 3, the children have been thinking about the positive ways to interact with one another.

They thought about the qualities that were they felt the most important, in guarding against bullying and added them to their own hand image.

They have added these to a colourful ‘Kind Hands’ display in the Y3 corridor.

Year 3, 'Kind Hands'


Year R

In Pine the children have thought about what bullying means and have listened to stories with an anti-bullying theme.

Don't be a bully, Billy


Year R, 
enjoying a book read to them by Mrs Coombes.



Year 1

In Year 1, the children watched the Pixar clip 'For the Birds'.

We had a lovely whole class discussion about why the little birds were mean to the Big Bird.

Children said that it was because he looked different to the other birds and then we talked about how the Big Bird would have felt.

We wrote a letter to the Big Bird apologising about being mean, writing as the little birds.

Year 1, 'For the Birds'

Year 1 have also enjoyed drawing some pictures of how they can be a good friend.