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Displays Around The School

A Chance to see the displays around school!

As parents are not able to get into school at the moment, we wanted to share with you, some of the lovely displays that have been going up around the school in the last few weeks.

Winter Poems from Year 1 and Year 2



Winter art by children in Pine


Fantastically scary Dragon Eyes by Year 3…




Year 4 have created a fantastic Iron Man display to show off their tasty Iron Man Menus! Year 4 added this commentary for us…

In Year 4 in literacy lessons we have been studying the book ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. The main character is an immense man made out of metal who has a head as big as a bedroom and eyes that glow like headlamps and change colour with his mood. Some children enjoyed making models of an Iron Man at home and brought them to school to share and meet each other! It was lovely to see such creativity, the different materials used and how different they all looked and so full of individual character! In our lessons we learned that the Iron Man only liked to eat things made from metal. We imagined what dishes might be on the menu at a restaurant he would like to visit. We had lots of fun creating tasty starters, delicious main courses, mouth-watering desserts and refreshing drinks that he would enjoy.



We also enjoyed playing with the descriptive language used on menus to appeal to their diners. Finally, we decorated each menu.

Please visit our Year 4 The Ironman Photo Gallery to see our home made models and delicious menus?  Read some of the dishes on offer. 

Mmmm... what would you choose?!