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Safer Internet Day 2021

The staff have all written a short summary of what each year group did to participate in the event...


Tuesday 9th was Safer Internet Day

Pine - On Tuesday Mrs Coombes read ‘Buddy the dog’s Internet Safety Story’ which focused on the safe use of tablets and smartphones. Ben is given a new tablet and throughout the story he asks Buddy the dog questions about how to stay safe. The story also contained a catchy song and Pine made apologies in advance to parents/carers as the song might get stuck in their heads!
On Wednesday Mrs Mercer read the story ‘Chicken Clickin’ which also discussed important online safety points with a really engaging story.

Year 1 read a story called Smartie the Penguin and how he can be safe on the internet. We talked about how to make the right choice and how he made the right decision to tell an adult when he was unsure about what to click.

We then watched a video on Timon and Pumbaa about how to make sure not to share information online. 

We then made a class poster and individual posters about how to stay safe online. Children came up with : not sharing your name and not talking to strangers, not going on websites that are not for children and not clicking on things you are not sure about. 

Year 2 watched the BBC live lesson, where the children particularly enjoyed playing the dilemma game of 'Accept, Check or Reject'.

We had some really interesting discussions about whether we should accept, check or reject a link to open a message which promised that you'd win loads of money if you clicked on it! 

Some children are clearly extremely ambitious already, but needed reminding that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is! 

The children then completed the associated KS1 worksheets which, again, prompted some interesting, informative and eye-opening conversations about who strangers are, and what we should accept people saying to us either to our faces or online.

We finished with a fun story entitled 'Chicken Clickin' where the children devised various endings to the tale, which included the chick being eaten by the fox or the alternative (and rather more pleasant) version of the chick escaping from the fox and learning her lesson to never meet strangers online . Some Y2 children went on to make their own internet safety posters.

Year 3 - During our Community Time, we discussed why it was important to be safe on the internet, the many ways they access the internet and how we can ensure that we keep ourselves safe whilst on the internet. We then discussed different internet safety scenarios that various fairy tale characters had found themselves in. 

The children came up with sensible suggestions about what they would do if they were in a similar situation such as not sharing their personal information, telling an adult if they felt uncomfortable and ensuring they always thought about the consequences of things they post online. We were very impressed by all the great ideas the children came up with to make sure they are safe online.


The children were then set the assignment of creating an internet safety poster that we could display around school to help remind everyone about staying safe.

Year 4 For Internet Safety Day, we focussed on the theme of Trust or Check.  We thought about the fun things we can use the internet for, but the need to be careful.  

We started with an assembly that got us to think about whether we can trust everything we see online as well and the need to check information we research, especially if it sounds suspicious.  

We then did a quick bit of brain gym, before focussing on adverts.  We looked at a cartoon advert and tried to see how many smaller adverts we could see popping up inside it.  We thought about motive and what advertisers want from us and realised that sometimes they ask us for personal information, which as we know, we never give out.  

We looked at different ways of advertising and examined the motive of each advertiser, by answering questions.

We then had the option of watching a short clip about meerkats and deciding which information was true and which was false.

We finished by making a pledge to keep safe online, stating how we would do this. The children can put this up in their bedrooms to remind them about internet safety!