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Year 3 Visit to the 29th September 1942

An informative experience living the life of an evacuated child from the era of WWII

On Tuesday, the children went back in time to 29th September 1942 around half way through WW2. The children came dressed as evacuees along with gas mask boxes and small suitcases. Throughout the day, the children learnt different aspects of what life would have been like for an Evacuee during WW2. 

The children completed activities based on the following topics;

- Identity cards and looking out for spies

- How to create secret messages using Cipher wheels

- Making a Badge for the ARP (Air raid precautions warden)

- The Blitz and making a toy spitfire

- Make do and mend 

- Gas mask boxes


The children listened well during the virtual experience and shared all the knowledge they have learnt from our topic. We are very proud of how they persevered with all the activities. The children had a fantastic day!

We would like to thank all the parents for the fantastic costumes provided for the children; they all looked the part! Please visit our Evacuee Photo Album to see some more photos from this day.