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School Council Elections

Thursday 30th September will be Election Day at The Firs! To appoint a boy and girl representative from each class Year 1-Year 4.

In our Values assembly today we focused on our Democracy value by talking about what a school council is and how the school council is important in making sure that children have a voice in school.

We also talked about the fact that next week we will be inviting children to put themselves forward to be a school council representative for their class.

Below you will find two downloadable nomination form that the children might want to complete with you over the weekend if they are interested! (Choose the one that is most appropriate for your child).

There will be a boy and girl representative from each class Year 1-Year 4.

We want to use the process of selecting representatives for the Council to show children the way a democratic process works, to link with our value this month.

Children will be given an opportunity to use their nomination form to talk to the class briefly about why they should vote for them.

On Thursday 30th September it will be Election Day at The Firs!

We will be setting up the hall as a polling station, and we will be asking some children from Year 4 to take turns to act as Presiding Officer and Poll Clerk in the hall on the day, as each class comes in to cast their votes!