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A New Headteacher at The Firs!

'Head for a Day' winner has a very busy schedule

Congratulations to our 'Head for a Day' winner, who did a fantastic job running The Firs today!

He began his day by meeting the children at the school gate. After that he presided over our Monday Merit Assembly giving out merits and many messages of ‘well done’ to all the children who received one.

Merit Assembly


Handing out Merits Awards


Presenting Handwriting Trophies


After assembly our new head went on a tour of the School and Saplings, the children were thrilled to meet their new headteacher!

Checking all is well in Maple Class


Doing Observations in Year R


Chatting with our Saplings Pre-school children


Our Head was very busy on the day, he went on playground duty, helped the office staff with many jobs, such as organising new resources, delivering items to the classes and signing important documents! He also went on a health and safety inspection with our Premises Manager Mr Lees and gave the staff some important messages in a staff briefing at lunchtime.

Supporting the Office Staff


Playtime Duty

The staff were especially interested when he indicated that he would be increasing their salaries!

Our 'Head for a Day' did a fantastic job and had a fantastic day, receiving some photos and a certificate to mark his achievement as a great head teacher and to capture some lovely memories of the occasion.

Marking Willow Class Maths Book


Signing Important Documents


Well done 'Head for a Day', you did a great job!