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Year 3 Holdenby House Trip

Looking at the lives of WWII Evacuees

Year 3 had a very interesting and informative day, visiting Holdenby House in Northamptonshire. The children had a glimpse into the life of a child being evacuated, enhancing their learning around World War II.




It is 1942. Britain is at War.

Children will be received at Holdenby Evacuee Centre, where they will be taught a variety of hands-on activities that will help them become more useful evacuees:

  • Mrs North will show how to make Woolton Pie, a range of other seasonal wartime foods and explain the weekly ration.
  • Mrs Fortescue-Oliver needs help with her knitting and rag rugs for her Make-Do-and-Mend Drive.
  • Stella, our land army girl, or Mr Jampton, our Air Raid Warden, will show how to keep safe, looking at an Air Raid Shelter and Gas Masks.
  • The Major, convalescing from a war wound, will talk about the items he carries in his kitbag or help with safety matters.
  • Commander Bennett, of the St John Ambulance will teach emergency First Aid.


After lunch there will be a sing-along to cheer everyone up before the children go to their host families.


The Firs children all looked amazing, and very much in character, in their outfits from this era. They completely embraced the roll play and activity based aspect of this unique experience, and behaved in an impeccable manner. 



Thank you to our parents, preparing the children with their outfits, and to the many parent helpers that accompanied us on this trip.

More photos from this event can be viewed in our Holdenby House Photo Album.