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Black History Month

Celebrating and understanding the impact of black heritage and culture.

Over the month of October, children across the school took part in activities linked with Black History Month and, as in previous years, we have included some details below to give you an overview of work that our children have been engaged in:

Year 4 - Mary Seacole

In Year 4, children found out about the life and experiences of Mary Seacole.

They watched BBC Bite Size videos to tell the story of her life, and we discussed some of the barriers and discrimination she suffered as she pursued her dream of providing medical care for soldiers during the Crimean War.

Mary Seacole

Children were greatly affected by the racism she experienced and impressed with her unwavering compassion and her determination to succeed in her objective, whatever setbacks she experienced. The children showed their enthusiasm for this project in the way they set about the writing activity, producing detailed recounts of the key events around her participation in the Crimean War and her return to England afterwards.

Year 3 - Celebrating Our Sisters

In Year 3,  children discussed this year's theme ‘Celebrating Our Sisters’. They looked at powerful and successful black women such as British Boxer Nicola Adam’s and scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock.

The children then carried out research reading about different successful women and answering questions. The children then each coloured in a picture to create a mural ‘Celebrating Our Sisters’ as seen in the picture.

‘Celebrating Our Sisters’

Year 2 - Rosa Parks

Y2 children learnt about 'Rosa Parks' who famously and very bravely refused to give up her seat to a white person on a bus in America in 1955. Her defiance sparked a successful boycott of buses as many people refused to board the city's buses.

Rosa Parks
Walter Tull

They also learned about 'Walter Tull', the first African-Caribbean mixed heritage man to be commissioned as an infantry officer in the British Army.

Walter Tull died aged 29 in 1918 while leading an attack on the Western front during the Second Battle of the Somme in March.

Year 2 Black History Wall Display

The children enjoyed creating posters and fact files about these famous people in history.

 Year 1 - Martin Luther King

Children in Year 1 learnt about Martin Luther King in Black History Month. They watched a video about him as a child and learned about his early adult life.

They discussed how what he had experienced as a child and young man influenced him in his role as campaigner for equal rights.

They talked about his famous speech 'I have a dream' and listened to a few minutes of this. The children then thought about what their dream would be if they could have any wish.

Martin Luther King

Linking Hands

They drew two linking hands on folded card, one with white skin and the other with black skin and wrote their dream inside.

Year R - Afrobeats Dancing and Much More!...

The Children  enjoyed learning about important black figures in Pine.

They heard about Rosa Parks and her fight for equality, Martin Luther King following his dream, Bob Marley and his 'Message of Peace and Love' and finally Stormzy encouraging everyone to have a go.

The Children then 'had a go' at some Afrobeats dancing and were brilliant at remembering the tricky moves!

Afrobeats Dancing