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NSPCC Maths Number Day

In support of the NSPCC's "Speak Out Stay Safe" programme

On Friday 2nd February, all our children at The Firs Lower School and our Saplings Pre-school took part in a full day of Maths-inspired activities, games and puzzles in support of the NSPCC Maths Number Day, which was raising funds for their "Speak out Stay safe" programme.

With the children attending school ‘Dressed Up For Digits’ we started our Maths related day with a super singing assembly including songs containing numbers, then we all embarked on a full day of exciting activities.

In Saplings - a number caterpillar, finding numbers in jelly, practising writing numbers and hook-a duck.

In Pine - hopscotch, shopping with a till, darts, counting with giant Numicon, and playing Build a Beetle and
Snakes and Ladders.

Year 1 - making amazing number hats showing how to make a number in lots of different ways, playing
Snakes and Ladders and having a number bonds to 10 Numicon treasure hunt.

Year 2 - making an array city using equal groups, playing Top Trumps, making maths watches and making
dominoes to play with.

Year 3 - ‘Buddy’s Key Challenge’, maths puzzle sheets, code breakers and Sudokus, decorating biscuits
with numbers and Supermovers PE based maths.

Year 4 - ‘Buddy’s Key Challenge’, navigating a digital mathematical maze with puzzles to solve, making
maths wristbands, dice games and a fun maths quiz.


The Key Stage 2 children also entered the TTRockstars NSPCC challenge, open for 12 hours, that collects all their correct answers to the multiplication tables and allows them to compete against other schools.

It was definitely a day of: ‘It’s maths, but not as we know it!’


A fun day was had by all - a big thank you to all the staff for organising all the special activities.

Equally importantly, thank you to all of you for your donations for such a good cause - we have now raised £296 and there is still time to donate if you have not had the chance already.