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World Book Day at The Firs

It was great fun sharing books with our friends throughout the day. Well done everyone for your fantastic costumes!  

Saplings Pre-School

Our Saplings Pre-school children came to pre-school dressed up as their favourite characters.

During the day, we read the colour monster book, and the Saplings staff all dressed up as one of the coloured monsters from the book. We enjoyed reading a number of books throughout the day.

Year R

In Year R, the day began with a special whole school World Book Day assembly. The children then got the opportunity to hold up their book in front of the class and say which character they had come as. We had a whole range of characters! 

During the day, there were lots of activities on offer linked to stories that had been read to them, which included making a Stickman from playdough, cutting out a mask for a traditional story character, decorating a butterfly linked to the story of the Hungry Caterpillar, sequencing pictures from the 'Tiger who came to tea' as well as making a tea for the tiger by cutting up vegetables!

The children could also choose to decorate a bookmark.

Our favourite moment, though, had to be when a group of children decided to gather together in the quiet bay and have their stories read to them by one of their peers who had taken on the role of the class teacher!

Year 1

In Year 1, we started the day with a circle time, where we shared our fantastic World Book Day costumes. 

We also read the book Lubna and Pebble, then we enjoyed decorating our own pebbles with bright colours. In the afternoon, we became illustrators as we did a piece of artwork from Lubna and the Pebble using paints and oil pastels. 

It was great fun sharing books with our friends throughout the day. Well done everyone for your fantastic costumes! 

It was great fun sharing books with our friends throughout the day.

Well done everyone for your fantastic costumes!  

Year 2

In Year 2, on World Book Day, we had a fantastic morning with various reading activities going on. We had time to share our favourite stories with friends and wrote book reviews based on our all-time favourite books. We used our imagination to sketch pictures based on our favourite stories too.

After lunch, we took part in a Premier League football and book quiz which was co-hosted by some of the children's football icons. We love reading Year 2 and World Book Day was the perfect day to celebrate all things book related.

Year 3

In Year 3 we celebrated World Book Day by having circle time and talking about our costumes and favourite characters. We then reviewed some of our favourite books, thinking about what we liked the most about them. 

We had some 'crack the code' book related Maths sums to solve, and we also went on a 'Scavenger Hunt' through books to find things that make them great, for example, the opening sentences or particular phrases or WOW words. In the afternoon, we folded A3 paper to make our very own books. We talked about what information to put on the front cover and what to write on the blurb on the back. The children then wrote out their own stories. Finally, we decorated our own bookmarks. The children had lots of fun!

In Elm Class we were lucky enough to have a book written by one of our pupils' mum called 'The Kindest Kid' and we read the story as a class and talked about it. 

Year 4

In Year 4 we read the book ‘Cliffhanger’ by Jacqueline Wilson. It is a story about some children who go on an activity holiday and how they all show their very different talents. We could really empathise with the characters as we will be going on our residential trip to Grafham Water very soon! It is a funny book written from the point of view of Tim, the main character. He writes lots of postcards to his parents about what is happening on his trip.

We wrote some postcards too, in role as Tim, we completed a book review to share our thoughts on the story and author’s style, and we also had great fun participating in our own ‘Crazy Bucket Race’, practising our teamwork skills.