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Governing Body, Agreed Structure


12.       The Members of the Academy Trust shall comprise:

          1. The members of the Academy Trust on the date of the adoption of these Articles; and
          2. Any person appointed under Article 15A, provided that at any time the minimum number of Members shall not be less than three.

12A.    An employee of the Academy Trust cannot be a Member of the Academy Trust.


  1. The number of Trustees shall be not less than three but (unless otherwise determined by ordinary resolution) shall not be subject to any maximum.
  2. 46.       Subject to Articles 48-49 and 53, the Academy Trust shall have the following Trustees:
  1. up to 8 Trustees, appointed under Article 50; and
  2. a minimum of 2 Parent Trustees elected or appointed under Articles 53-56A;.
  1. 47.       The Academy Trust may also have any Co-opted Trustee appointed under Article 58.
  2. 48.       The first Trustees shall be those persons named in the statement delivered pursuant to sections 9                 and 12 of the Companies Act 2006.
  3. 50        The members may appoint up to 6 Community Governors, subject to Article 50A.
  4. 50A.    The total number of Governors who are employees of the Academy Trust (including the Principal)                  must not exceed one third of the total number of Governors.
  5. 50B.    The Members may appoint up to 3 Appointed Parent Governors from parents registered pupils of                  the Academy.
  6. 53.      Subject to Article 57, The Elected Parent Governor(s) shall be elected by parents of registered pupils                of the Academy. An elected Parent Governor must be a parent of a pupil at the Academy at the                      time they are elected.

Firs Agreed Structure

5 members:

  1. Chair- also a trustee
  2. Vice Chair – also a trustee
  3. Member of the local community - not a trustee
  4. Someone with experience in education – not a trustee
  5. Someone from the business community - not a trustee

Up to 11 Trustees:

  1. Headteacher
  2. Up to 2 staff Governors
  3. A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 elected parent Governors (total number of trustees must be 11)
  4. Up to 3 Co-opted parent Governors (total number of trustees must be 11)
  5. Up to 6 Co-opted non parent / community Governors (total number of trustees must be 11)

E and F Committee

Governors have a collective responsibility for all matters associated with the strategic leadership of the school. This includes the management of the school's financial affairs. For the purposes of efficiency however, the Finance and Environment committee - a group composed of 3-4 of the trustees, meet regularly with our Business Manager, to discuss financial matters and aspects of the maintenance and development of the school buildings and site in more detail. This committee feeds back at each Full Governor meeting, to ensure that all Trustees are kept informed.