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Managing behaviour at The Firs

Our Values

The way we approach behaviour management is a fundamental element of our core values at The Firs. We are very passionate about creating a caring family atmosphere at our school and providing consistent, fair and well understood behaviour guidance, is a key part of ensuring children feel happy and safe.

The Pivotal approach

As a school graded outstanding for behaviour in our inspection in 2013  and reconfirmed in our re-inspection in 2017, we are always looking for ways to enhance our approaches, to ensure that we maintain our very high standards, so we decided to invest in training provided by Pivotal Education.

The Pivotal approach starts with the behaviour of adults, with staff expected to maintain a calm approach at all times, focusing on depersonalising all behaviour interventions. We now have 3 school rules Ready, Respect, Safe,  which simplifies the dialogue with children about their behaviour.

Staff give ‘first attention to best conduct’ praising compliance to indirectly tackle off task behaviour. Direct interventions are done calmly and in a non confrontational way, giving children ‘take up time’ to comply with requests.

Restorative conversations are used to engage in powerful dialogue with children, focusing on what rules were broken, who was affected by their behaviour and what can be done differently in future. These conversations are taken very seriously and are very effective in helping children to see their responsibility for their actions.

Pivotal provides a compassionate, calm and effective approach to behaviour management, to ensure that we provide the best guidance and care for our children, including the most vulnerable.

If you want to find out more, follow the link below to the Pivotal website or download our behaviour policy below. 

Pivotal Education