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Our Learning

                                         Growing Your Mindset

Learning to learn is vital in preparing children for their future in an ever-changing world . We want to embed the philosophy of  a positive learning culture.

The qualities on the petals of this flower represent aspects of a ‘growth mindset’, that strengthen children’s learning power.

Pupils with a growth mindset

  • Know that talents can be developed and great abilities can be built over time
  • View mistakes as a positive learning experience
  • Are resilient
  • Believe that effort creates success
  • Think about how they learn
  • Respond positively to feedback
  • Challenge themselves


Pupils with a fixed mindset

  • Believe that talent alone creates success
  • Are reluctant to take on challenges
  • Prefer to stay in their comfort zone 
  • Are fearful of making mistakes
  • Think it is important to 'look smart' in front of others
  • Believe that talents and abilities are set in stone, you either have them or you don't

We regularly talk with our children, about developing a 'growth mindset' and what the features of a growth mindset are,  as the starting point that enables them to be successful, by getting the most out of every day in school!