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Our Values & Vision

Of central importance to us is the aspiration that all our children achieve the very best they are capable of, coupled with a belief in the benefits of mutual co-operation and team work, for everyone in our community. These ideas are captured in our mission statement:

‘Working together to achieve our best’

We have 22 values that set out the core beliefs we choose to live by and which underpin our school community.

 Every month we reflect on a different one of our values.

We believe this creates a strong learning environment that enhances academic attainment, and develops students' social and relationship skills in a powerful and lasting way.

(You can find out more about our values in the ‘Our Learning’ section of the website.)


We are passionate in our determination to make The Firs a caring learning environment, where our children are excited by their learning, use their 'Growth Mindset' to achieve well, work with others successfully, develop a strong moral code and an appreciation of being part of a community.

As a Forest School, we also greatly value opportunities for children to learn outside the classroom and the importance of ensuring that children develop an understanding of the natural world and a respect for the need to safeguard it.

Our Values and Vision for The Firs:

This diagram sets out the values we believe in and the way we put them into practise within our school community. (it's also downloadable below:)