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School Council

Our School Council 

Our school council meets twice a term. There are 16 children who are elected members of the school council from Year1  to Year 4 in the autumn term 2023. In between school council meetings, we have class council meetings so that all the children have a chance to share their ideas.

We are the CHAMPS

CHildren and Adults Making Plans

Each school council member has a role to play; 

We have a Chairperson and Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and Committee Members.

                                                    Our Aims

  • To promote your views through discussion about issues raised by pupils and staff which affect the life of the school both in the present and in the future
  • To help the people who make decisions in the school understand and respect your point of view
  • To give you an opportunity to understand and participate in a democratic process
  • To encourage you to understand  the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in everyday life
  • To enable you to participate effectively in school and debate and address issues of concern to you both in and out of school
  • To enable you to become a partner in your education with staff and parents / carers
  • To give you a real say in how you learn and achieve
  • To promote the school's reputation and to support the school values and maintain the school ethos
  • To undertake projects that will improve the quality of the school, our community and beyond.

                                                       Our Targets

In our school:

To try and improve the lunchtime clubs and experience

To try and encourage everyone to eat healthily

To support The Firs Way

In our community – to support local and national charities

We want to support the PTFA and charities.