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School Timings & Academic Calendar

The Firs Lower School Academic Calendar

  • The Current Firs Lower School's Academic Calendars can be viewed below, and are in a downloaded format at the bottom of this page.
  • Please be aware that on some occasions our school term dates can differ to that published by our Local Authority, Central Beds.
  • Our Local Authority term dates sheet can be found on the Central Bedfordshire Government website.

Please find below the timing of a typical school day at The Firs Lower School.

During term time, The Firs Lower School will be open daily from 8:45am - 3:30pm, 6.75 hours per day.

This equates to a school week of 33.75 hours.

Mornings at The Firs

8:45am School Gate Opens
8:55am Morning Registration
9:05am  Whole School Assembly
9:20am Lesson 1 / RWI Sessions
10:20am Morning Break / Playtime
10:35am Lesson 2
12:00am Early Years and KS1 Lunch Break
12:15pm KS2 Lunch Break

Afternoons at The Firs

  Lunch Break
1.20pm Afternoon Registration
1:30pm Lesson 3
2:20pm KS1 Afternoon Break / Playtime
2:30pm KS2 Lesson 4
2:35pm KS1 Lesson 4
3:20pm Preparation for end of the school day
3:30pm End of School day. Gates Unlocked