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"Tapestry keeps you in touch with your child’s day,

wherever you are!"

Tapestry is a secure online learning journal, which builds a special record of a child’s experience, development and learning journey through their time with us at The Saplings Preschool. By using photos, videos and written information we will collate a record of your child’s time with us.

You will be able to view your child’s progress and follow their journey with us.

As well as pre-school observations, we welcome parents and carers to join us by uploading their own media and comments to their child’s journal.

The children love to share their 'wow' moments on our large Clevertouch display screen. 

You will be able to view your child’s progress and follow their journey with us.

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Tapestry Journal Login 

Tapestry is simple to use and set up. Once your child has started at The Saplings, you will receive an email giving you the opportunity to set up your account, which will connect to your child’s Tapestry Journal. Once your account has been activated, you will receive a notification email each time a new observation has been generated. 

Your child’s observations will be linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework where the Keyworker can monitor the progress of each of their key children, working closely with the parents and carers reviewing their progress along their journey.

For further information on Tapestry, please click here - Tapestry Info for Parents and Carers