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The Firs Lower Staff

Teaching Staff

Mr Adam Campbell


Child Protection

Assessment Leader


Mrs Kerry Mercer

Assistant Head

EYFS & RWI Leader

EYFS Behaviour Leader

Child Protection

EYFS Teacher


Mrs Shaline Coombes

Mrs Allison Brady

EYFS Teacher

Literacy Leader                                                                               SLT

KS1 & KS2 Behaviour Leader

SEND-co / Pupil Premium Leader                                                    Child Protection

EYFS Teacher 


Miss Claudia Wallis Year 1 Teacher  
Miss Kanurshi Arulrasa Year 1 Teacher  
Miss Delcie Webb Year 2 Teacher  

Mrs Hannah Freeman


Year 2 Teacher  
Miss Nicola Hill

Redborne Sports Partnership Link Teacher

Year 3 Teacher


Miss Alanah Hamilton

Science Leader

Year 3 Teacher


Mrs Deborah Rogers

Maths Leader

Year 4 Teacher

Miss Georgia Blake

Year 4 Teacher


Mrs Jacqueline Wilson

Mrs Joanna Haddon

Year 4 Teacher

Year 4 Teacher


Learning Support Staff

Mrs Alyson Baker Senior Teaching Assistant
  Teaching Assistant - Year 2
Mrs Mary Ware

Senior Teaching Assistant and Forest Schools Lead Practitioner

Mrs Ganine Hurrell

Senior Teaching Assistant and Pastoral Support Worker

Mrs Donna Prior Senior Teaching Assistant - EYFS
Miss Debbie Davanna Teaching Assistant - EYFS

Mrs Lisa Casey

Mrs Isabelle Hamilton

Teaching Assistant - Year 1

Teaching Assistant - Year 1

Mrs Alison Bell Teaching Assistant - Year 1
Mrs Andrea Stephenson-White Teaching Assistant - Year 1 and Year 3
Mrs Claire Eddy Teaching Assistant - Year 4
Mrs Julie Finn Teaching Assistant - Year 2
Mrs Beverley Lacey Teaching Assistant - 1:1 Support

Administrative Support

Mrs Sue A'Court Office Manager SLT
Mrs Celia Bennett Business Manager SLT
Mrs Ellen Ashby IT Administrator  

Midday Supervisory Staff

Mrs Sue A'Court Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs Lindsay Blackwell Midday Supervisor
Mrs Michele Kensall Midday Supervisor
Miss Debbie Davanna Midday Supervisor
Mrs Kath Christofis Midday Supervisor
Mrs Andrea Stephenson-White Midday Supervisor
Miss Carys Williams Midday Supervisor
Miss Lisa Cox Midday Supervisor
Mrs Lisa Casey Midday Supervisor
Mrs Pat Lyall Midday Supervisor
Miss Rebecca McAleer Midday Supervisor
Mrs Gemma Smiley Midday Supervisor
Miss Kelly Bainbridge Midday Supervisor

Kids' Club

Mrs Andrea Stephenson-White Kids' Club Leader
Miss Debbie Davanna Kids' Club Deputy Leader
Miss Emma French Playworker
Mrs Lindsay Blackwell Playworker
Mrs Michelle Kensall Playworker
Mrs Sharon Williams Playworker
Mrs Ellen Ashby Playworker
Mrs Angela Higgs Playworker
Miss Oriana Pearce Playworker

Site Manager

Mr Brian McCarthy Premises Manager
Miss Lisa Cox Cleaning Team
Mrs Rebecca McAleer Cleaning Team

Kitchen Staff

Candice Charles Kitchen Manager
Michelle Williams Kitchen Assistant