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Year R

Welcome to Pine!

We hope your child had a fantastic time on their ‘taster’ days and are thoroughly enjoying Pine. We are taking great pleasure in getting to know all the children and we are so pleased with how well they are all settling in.

Mrs Mercer 
Acorns Class


Mrs Coombes
Conkers Class



We would like to say a big well done to all those children who are coming into school by themselves and we really appreciate your support with this. It has helped the children to become really independent and this does help to boost their confidence.

Book Bags

If your child does not yet have a book bag, please could you purchase one from the school office. The children place their book bag in a box in the morning and any letters are put into the book bags by an adult. If your child doesn’t have a book bag, s/he may miss out on important letters. Your child is welcome to bring a rucksack to school in addition to their book bag.

Communication Book

In your child’s book bag, there is a ‘communication’ book. You can write any messages (alternative pick up arrangements, medical appointments etc) in this book. On the inside cover, there are also some other suggestions as to how this book can be used.

Staff are available in the morning and afternoon to answer any quick questions or take messages you have, but if you require a longer conversation about your child, then please make an appointment to see the class teacher after school (unless it cannot wait) or contact us via email:-

Conkers -      Mrs Coombes-

 Acorns  -      Mrs Mercer -

Shared Teaching Assistants - Mrs Ware, Mrs Prior, Ms Davanna, Mrs Finn, Mrs Casey

Morning routine

From week beginning 30th September, we are trialling a new system for changing reading books which go home. Baskets of reading books will be placed on tables under the Pine canopy every morning so that parents can change reading books with their child. Two letters regarding this are going out today (Friday 2Q1h).
Due to this change in routine, we would now like parents to come through the green Pine gate every morning with their child, starting from this Monday (23rd).    You can then stand
under the canopy and change reading books (once this system starts on Monday 301h} and
place communication books/letters/money in the labelled box (see box below). You can then say goodbye to your child at the door leading to the indoor classroom so that children can still continue to come into the classroom independently. Please could we ask that you vacate the Pine outdoor area by 8.55am so that the green gate can be locked for safety purposes.

If your child is brought to school by somebody other than yourselves, we would be very grateful if you could share this routine with them.

Read, Write, Inc

We will be starting to teach Read, Write, Inc (RWI) from Monday 23rd September, which is the programme we use to teach reading and writing. We teach a sound a day and when the children have been taught a new sound, they will bring an associated ‘sound sheet’ home the same day, which will help to reinforce what they have been taught. These ‘sound sheets’ are to be kept in a folder. Look out for the folder containing the first sound sheet in your child’s book bag on Monday.The folder is to be kept at home so that you can help your child consolidate their knowledge of the letter sounds. 

Each child will also be bringing home ‘My Set 1 Speed Sounds Book’. More detailed information about this will be sent home with the book.

Reading books will be sent home week beginning 30th September and for most children, this will be a picture book.

PE lessons

PE lessons will start week beginning 30th September so please could you ensure your child’s PE kit is in school (your child does not need plimsolls until the spring term). Half of the class have their PE lesson one week and the other half have it the following week. PE days are as follows:-

Conkers- Thursday



Thank you to all those parents who have brought in their child's waterproofs and welly boots which have been put to good use in the digging area this week! Please could you bring these in as soon as possible if you haven't done so already. Thank  you.
Please could you ensure all your child's school clothing (including shoes) are labelled so that lost items can be returned.


We hope that this letter has answered some of your questions, but if not, please do not hesitate to come and speak to a member of the Pine team. We have had a wonderful time getting to know all the new Pine children and we're looking forward to working with you in partnership to make sure they all have a fantastic year with us.

Thank you for your support

The Pine Team